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Introducing the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer : Tasks : Developing a visual container : Creating the container
Creating the container
To create a new visual container class:
1. Select File > New and then the type of container you want: ABL Form, ABL Dialog, or ABL MDI Form. The OpenEdge GUI for .NET wizard for the selected type appears.
2. Enter the appropriate values as described in the OpenEdge GUI for .NET wizards reference help. Only the Package root and the Form name or Dialog name fields are required. (The name must begin with a letter; spaces and most non-alphanumeric characters are not allowed.)
3. After entering the desired values, click OK. Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge creates a new class file with the same name that you assigned to the new form and opens it in a Visual Designer editing window. The Design Canvas displays the form with its default content, if any.
Note: Do not change the name of the class file. The class will not compile if its name and that of the file do not match
4. You can now proceed to size the container and add controls to it.
Note: It is possible to embed an ABL application window, such as a window developed with OpenEdge AppBuilder, in any form. For example, you can create an MDI form that includes an ABL window as a child. However, you must manually write the ABL code to do this. The Visual Designer does not support programming tasks related to ABL windows. For instructions on embedding windows in forms, see OpenEdge Development: GUI for .NET Programming.