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Overview of ABLUnit testing framework : Tasks : Creating test cases using ABLUnit

Creating test cases using ABLUnit

A test case is a test class containing one or more test methods or one or more test procedures. By default when a test case is run, all contained test methods or test procedures are also run.
Progress Developer Studio for Open Edge provides the following ABLUnit wizards:
*New ABLUnit Test Class
*New ABLUnit Test Procedure
*New ABLUnit Test Suite Class
*New ABLUnit Test Suite Procedure
Note: You can create test cases or test suites using the ABLUnit wizards or create a new ABL Class or Procedure file, and manually enter the required test annotations.
To create a test case using the ABLUnit wizard:
1. Open an OpenEdge ABLUnit project in which you want to create a test case.
2. Select File > New. If the required test case or test suite does not appear in the menu, select Other. The New wizard appears.
3. Expand Progress OpenEdge > ABLUnit, and select the required test case or test suite type.
4. Click Next to launch the corresponding wizard.
5. Fill in the appropriate information for the new test case.
6. Click Finish.
The test case of test suite you have created opens in the ABL Editor window.