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Overview of Progress Application Server for OpenEdge : Tasks : Working with PAS for OpenEdge : Working with Web UI Project Type : Creating a Web UI project
Creating a Web UI project
You can use the Web UI project to develop web front-end applications deployed on PAS for OpenEdge. You can also use the Web UI project to deploy the applications created in Kendo UI Builder.
To create a Web UI project:
1. Select File > New > OpenEdge Project from the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge main menu bar or the Project Explorer view context (right-click) menu. The New OpenEdge Project wizard opens and displays the Create an OpenEdge Project page.
2. Type a name in the Project name field.
The root folder for the new project is created in your current Eclipse workspace, unless you specify a different location.
3. To choose a different location for the project, click and clear the Use default check box. Then either browse to, or enter the path to the desired location.
Note: If you want to use a Kendo UI Builder project with the Web UI project, ensure that the name of the project is same as the Kendo UI Builder app, and you select the same location for the Web UI project where the Kendo UI Builder project resides.
4. Select Client from the left section.
5. Select the Web Application option button and select the Web UI option button.
6. Click Next.
7. Type a name in the WebApp name field.
8. From the Supported servers list, select the servers that will be the destination for your published application. The primary function of these servers is to support the publishing of your code for running, testing, and deploying your Web App to PAS for OpenEdge.
9. Click Finish. The project is deployed to the selected PAS for OpenEdge instances with the name you provided. If you have associated this project with Kendo UI Builder, the debug folder is added to the build output folder in the Project Explorer to contain all Kendo UI Builder content.