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Introducing Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge : Concepts : Getting help : Context-sensitive help
Context-sensitive help
To access the help for a particular user-interface element (view, editor, or dialog):
1. Change focus to the user-interface element.
2. Press F1. Or, in some cases, click on a help icon .
A list of topics appears either in an InfoPop or in a Help view. (See Help preferences in the Eclipse Workbench User Guide for information.) In either case, you see a primary list of topics at the top. At the bottom, you can access dynamic help which is a list of topics generated by a search on the name of the widget and the name of the perspective.
If you want to see the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge help topics in the primary list of available topics, select an element within the widget (for example, a node in a tree view or a text field). Otherwise, you might see general Eclipse help in the primary list with the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge topics appearing in the dynamic help list.