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Introducing OpenEdge Business Rules : Tasks : Configuring Corticon Server on the OE Web Server

Configuring Corticon Server on the OE Web Server

OpenEdge is shipped with the OE Web Server. The Tomcat server is available in your OpenEdge installation directory %DLC%/servers/tomcat. It provides a Java container and a web server.
You must configure the Corticon server on your Tomcat server to make it available for deploying projects.
By default, Corticon Server is a part of the Corticon Studio installation but has the following license restrictions:
*The request must come from the same machine on which the server is running. Requests from any other machine or host are disallowed.
*Only a single reactor is available per Decision Service. This means that only one Decision Service can be executed at a time. This allows you to deploy multiple Decision Services simultaneously. Since ABL is single-threaded and since this license is intended for a single-user development scenario, it is ideal for the intended use case. If you want to test the system more thoroughly, you must purchase a proper licensed server.
Note: These conditions only apply to the execution of a Decision Service. They do not affect the service availability check and other administrator functions.
To configure the Corticon server:
1. Based on the Corticon Server (purchased or default) that you are using, do one of the following:
*If you are using the default Corticon server that comes with the Corticon Studio installation, copy the Axis.war file located in the Corticon Studio installation directory to the OpenEdge %DLC%\servers\tomcat\webapps directory.
*If you have purchased the Corticon server license, download the Corticon Server for Java Archive from the Progress Download Center available at, and copy the Axis.war file located in it to the OpenEdge %DLC%\servers\tomcat\webapps directory.
2. Create a batch file in the OpenEdge work directory (%DLC%\WRK) and specify its name.
3. Open the batch file and set the value of the JRE_HOME variable as: SET JRE_HOME=%DLC%\jdk\jre
4. Start the OpenEdge Web Server.
a. Open the Servers view in an OpenEdge perspective of Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge by selecting Window > Show View > Other > Server > Servers > OK.
b. Select the REST Manager instance and then, select Start in the context menu or on the Servers toolbar.
Note: You can also start the OpenEdge Web Server from the Proenv command prompt using protc start.
5. In a web browser, enter the URL for the OpenEdge Web Server with default ports: http://localhost:8980/axis, and go to the Corticon Server console to verify if the Corticon Server is successfully installed.
The Corticon Server Console login page appears after successful installation. The Corticon server has the following six defined server console login user names:
User name
Note: See the Progress Corticon Documentation for more information about using the Corticon server and for other installation options.
Securing the OE Web Server is part of the process of configuring the Corticon Server, especially if it runs within the OE Web Server. Since Corticon Server runs as an independent WebApp, you can secure access to the Rules Service using the security models available in the OE Web Server. For more information on securing the OE Web Server, see the OpenEdge Development: Mobile Applications book.