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Introducing the ABL Editor : Tasks : Compiling, testing, and running ABL programs : Building resources using working sets : Building a working set automatically
Building a working set automatically
By default, builds are performed automatically when you save resources.
To build a working set automatically:
1. Open an OpenEdge project.
2. View the working sets defined in your project by doing the following:
*On the Project Explorer toolbar, click View Menu .
*Select Top Level Elements > Working Sets.
The working sets defined for your project appear in the Project Explorer view.
3. Select a working set that you want to build automatically.
Note: You can select more than one working set to build automatically.
4. From the main menu, select Project > Build Working Set Automatically.
Note: The Build Working Set Automatically option is enabled only when the automatic build preference (at the project level) is disabled (ensure that Project > Build Working Set Automatically is not selected).
When you save resources, the selected working set(s) are built. If the working set contains files or folders from different projects, the corresponding project ABL Virtual Machines (AVMs) are used for building the selected working set(s).