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Introducing the ABL Editor : Tasks : Setting Editor options : Associating custom file extensions with the ABL Editor
Associating custom file extensions with the ABL Editor
If you use custom file extensions for your OpenEdge files, you need to associate those extensions with the ABL Editor. To do so, you set both general Eclipse editor preferences and OpenEdge-specific Editor preferences:
1. Choose Window > Preferences. The Preferences window appears.
2. Choose General > Editors > File Associations. The File Associations page appears.
3. Click Add for the File types list. The New File Type dialog appears.
4. Type your custom file extension and click OK.
5. Select your file extension in the File types list.
6. Click Add for the Associated editors list. The Editor Selection dialog appears.
7. Select one of the OpenEdge ABL Editor options and click OK.
Note: The only difference among these options is the icon used to represent the files that it opens. All the choices are functionally the same.
8. Select Progress OpenEdge > Editor > Build in the Preferences window. The Build page appears.
9. Add your custom file extension to the appropriate list and click Apply to save your changes.