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Overview of ABLUnit testing framework : Concepts : Annotations supported with ABLUnit

Annotations supported with ABLUnit

The ABLUnit testing framework uses annotations to identify and execute the test methods or internal procedures in a test case.
The following table gives an overview of the available annotations in the ABLUnit testing framework:
Identifies that a method or a procedure is a test method or procedure.
Executes the method or procedure before each test. This annotation prepares the test environment such as reading input data or initializing the class.
Executes the method or procedure after each test. This annotation cleans up the test environment such as deleting temporary data or restoring defaults.
Executes the method or procedure once per class, before the start of all tests. This annotation can be used to perform time-sensitive activities such as connecting to a database.
Executes the method or procedure once, after all the tests are executed. This annotation is used to perform clean-up activities such as disconnecting from a database.
Ignores the test. You can use this annotation when you are still working on a code, the test case is not ready to run, or if the execution time of test is too long to be included.
@Test (expected="ExceptionType")
Fails the method if the method does not throw the exception mentioned in the expected attribute.