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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Reference : Toolbar and menu options : PRO*Tools utilities : ADM2 PRO*Tools utilities
ADM2 PRO*Tools utilities
The ADM2 PRO*Tools utilities are available only with the AppBuilder Perspective. These utilities are available on the toolbar and from the menu (OpenEdge > ADM2 PRO*Tools) in your AppBuilder Perspective.
Note: Each of these PRO*Tools utilities opens and runs in a window outside of the Progress Developer Studio Eclipse framework. Online help is available from the utility's menu bar or Help button.
The ADM2 PRO*Tools include the following utilities:
ADM2 PRO*Tools utility
SmartObject Upgrade Utility
Opens the ADM1 to ADM2 SmartObject Conversion Utility window that facilitates the process of upgrading (loading and saving) SmartObjects from version 8.1 to 9.0 and later.
Note: The application database must be connected for you to use this utility.
Service Parameter Maintenance
Opens the Service Parameter Maintenance window that enables you to define instances of application partitions that you can implement in AppBuilder procedures. The tool supports two types of application partitions:
*AppServer partitions
*Java Message Service (JMS) Server partitions
ADM to Dynamics
Opens the Static SmartObject to Dynamic Object Migration Utility window. This utility facilitates the process of converting static SmartObjects to dynamic objects as follows:
*Progress Version 8, Progress Version 9, and Progress Dynamics Version 1.1A static viewers to dynamic viewers.
*Progress Version 8 and Version 9 browsers to dynamic browsers.
*Progress Version 9 SmartDataObjects to dynamic SmartDataObjects.
*Progress Version 9 SmartBusinessObjects to dynamic SmartBusinessObjects.
You can use this utility to migrate entire batches of objects from their ABL form to their dynamic form.
This utility is activated only with Dynamics enabled projects.
Note: You must make connections to the icfdb repository database and your application databases before you can use this utility.
XML Schema Mapping
Opens the XML Schema Mapping window that enables you to create and update schema-based XML mapping files for the use of the SmartB2BObject.