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Introducing the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer : Concepts : The Visual Designer tool set : Additional tools
Additional tools
Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge tools that are not integral to the Visual Designer, but have particular value while you are building an OpenEdge GUI for .NET, include:
*Class Browser - The Class Browser offers a tree view that provides detailed information on the classes and .NET assemblies defined in or referred to by your projects.
*Meta Catalog - The Meta Catalog enables you to create a comprehensive index of the code base in both your local workspace and your team's shared source code control system.
*ABL Editor - The standard OpenEdge code editor is tightly linked to the Visual Designer to allow you to inspect and edit the source code for design classes and related procedures.
*Outline view - When a Visual Designer editor buffer has focus, the Outline view provides a hierarchical list of the form and its contents, allowing you to select, copy, re-parent, and delete controls.
*Debugger - The Debugger provides a full set of tools for testing and debugging ABL code.