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Introducing the ABL Editor : Tasks : Writing ABL code : Writing object-oriented code : Adding methods
Adding methods
You can add methods to a class as follows:
1. Choose Source > Add Method to launch the Add Method wizard.
2. Fill in the appropriate information for the new method. Help text appears in the title pane to describe the purpose of the field that has focus.
3. Click Generate. Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge inserts the method at the place specified in the Insertion position field. You have the following options:
*Alphabetical order - Insert the code prototype at a position determined by its name. Case is ignored.
This feature does not sort the procedures, functions, methods, or properties that already exist in the file. If they are already ordered alphabetically by name, the code is inserted at the correct position in the list. Otherwise, the code is inserted at the first valid alphabetic position found during a top-to-bottom lookup.
*Cursor position - Insert the code prototype at the current position of the cursor in the file.
*First/Last - Insert the code prototype immediately before/after the first/last item currently in the class.
*After name - Insert the code prototype after the named item.