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Introducing the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer : Tasks : Working with .NET resources : Adding and removing assembly references
Adding and removing assembly references
The Visual Designer automatically adds all required assembly references to the project assemblies.xml file when you place controls on the Design Canvas. However, there may be cases where your application code calls other .NET objects that are not related to OpenEdge GUI for .NET design, or where the code was manually developed outside the Visual Designer. Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge provides several convenient ways to manage assembly references that are not automatically maintained by the Visual Designer.
You can use any of the following procedures:
*Right-click the Referenced Assemblies node in the Project Explorer view and select Add Assembly References from the context menu. Use the Add Assembly References dialog to select assemblies and add them to the assemblies.xml file of the current project.
*Select Project > Properties > Progress OpenEdge > Assemblies. At the Assemblies property page, you can launch the Add Assembly References dialog to add references, and you can remove references that are no longer needed. These editing operations affect only the assemblies.xml file for the current project.
*In either the OpenEdge Editor perspective or the OpenEdge Visual Designer perspective, launch the external Assembly References Tool by selecting OpenEdge > Tools > Assembly References. This tool allows you to manage assembly references in any XML file on your system.