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Overview of ABLUnit testing framework : Reference : Add New Test Procedure wizard

Add New Test Procedure wizard

The Add New Test Procedure wizard enables you to add a test internal procedure to a test procedure file when the file is open in ABL editor.
To access the wizard, right-click the file and select Source> Add Test Procedure > from the context menu in ABL editor or the main menu. You can also click the Alt+Shift+K key sequence.
Note: This option is enabled only when you have a test procedure file open in ABL editor. editor. This option is visible only when the current perspective is ABLUnit perspective or the procedure file is a part of ABLUnit faceted project.
The wizard has the following controls that you can use to add a test procedure to a file:
Field name
Procedure name
Specifies a name for the test internal procedure that you want to add to your required test procedure file.
Specifies an annotation type for the test internal procedure from the drop-down menu. The annotation types are Test, Before, After, Setup, and TearDown.
Insertion position
Specifies the position in your test procedure file where you want to place the annotated test internal procedure.
Generates the annotated test internal procedure in your test procedure file.