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Introducing the ABL Editor : Reference : Code-generation wizards : Add Event wizard
Add Event wizard
The Add Event wizard helps you add event code to a class file.
This wizard appears when you select Source > Add Event.
The following controls are available:
Event name
(Required) Specifies the name of the event. The name must begin with a letter; spaces and most non-alphanumeric characters are not allowed.
Specifies the access modifier that applies to the event:
*Public - The event can be called from any class and can be directly invoked in any derived class.
*Protected - The event can be directly invoked in any derived class, but it cannot be called from a class that is not derived from the declaring class.
*Private - The event cannot be called from any other class and cannot be directly invoked in a derived class. A private event cannot be abstract.
(Enabled only if current class is abstract) If checked, specifies that the event is abstract and cannot be instantiated. An abstract event is designed to be inherited and to be implemented by the inheriting class. Therefore, an abstract event cannot be private, nor can it be static.
If checked, specifies that the event is static. A static event is accessible by every instance of the class and (if public) by clients of the class without the need to create an instance of the class.
A static event cannot be abstract.
If checked, enables the field to the right in which you can specify a class that serves as the event delegate.
Insertion position
Determines where the event code is inserted in the source file.