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Running and debugging ABL programs : Concepts : Launch configurations for running and debugging programs : Accessing launch configuration functions
Accessing launch configuration functions
To open the Configurations dialog, create a default launch configuration, or run an existing configuration, you can either use the Run and Debug buttons on the main toolbar, or use the ABL Editor context (right-click) menu.

Toolbar buttons

The Run and Debug buttons look like this:
*Clicking the button image itself runs the currently selected program or starts it in the Debugger, creating a default launch configuration if necessary.
*Clicking the drop-down arrow opens a menu from which you can start an existing configuration, create and run a default configuration, or open the Configurations wizard for access to all options. For quick access to existing configurations, the top level of this menu includes recently used configurations. You can also choose to add any of your configurations to the Favorites section of this menu.

Servers view

The same two buttons appear on the toolbar of the Servers view, where you can use them interchangeably with those on the main toolbar to start the currently selected AppServer or WebSpeed instance. The Servers view buttons do not include the down arrow, so click the arrow on the main toolbar to open the menu.
Launch configurations > Run As > Context menu options
*The ABL Editor context menu provides Run As and Debug As options, each of which has a sub-menu from which you can choose one of the following options:
*Run as or Debug as - Runs or debugs the currently open program, creating a default launch configuration if necessary
*Run Configurations or Debug Configurations - Opens the Configurations wizard for access to all options