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Introducing the ABL Editor : Tasks : Compiling, testing, and running ABL programs : Generating ABLDoc documentation : Generating ABLDoc using Apache Ant : ABLDoc task-level properties
ABLDoc task-level properties
You can set the following properties at the ABLDoc Ant task level:
Specifies the location of your OpenEdge installation.
(Optional) Specifies the destination directory where the ABLDoc documentation is generated.
If not specified, the current working directory is used as the default destination directory.
(Optional) Specifies the documentation title.
If not specified, ABLDoc Documentation is used as the default title.
(Optional) Enables or disables the verbose mode. The valid values are true, false, on, off, yes, and no.
By default, the value is set to false; and the verbose mode is off.
(Optional) Specifies a comma separated list of include file extensions. If not specified, i is used as the default file extension.
Specifies the location of the required artifacts.
(Optional) Specifies the serializer used by the ABLDoc documentation generator. Also, lets you provide a custom serializer.
Note: If you are using a custom serializer, you must implement the com.progress.openedge.pdt.abldoc.core.serializer.IdocSerializer interface. This interface is part of the abldoc-core.jar file.
If not specified, HTML serializer is used as the default serializer.
(Optional) Lets you provide a custom tag parser to parse the comments.
Note: To use a custom tag parser, you must implement the com.progress.openedge.pdt.abldoc.core.tag.ITagParser interface. This interface is part of the abldoc-core.jar file.