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Introducing the ABL Editor : Tasks : Compiling, testing, and running ABL programs : Generating ABLDoc documentation : Generating ABLDoc using Apache Ant : ABLDoc elements
ABLDoc elements
You can use the following ABLDoc element in the ABLDoc Ant task.

abldocproject element

Represents a set of resources required to generate ABLDoc documentation. Each ABLDoc Ant task can be configured with one more abldocproject elements.
Set the following properties for the abldocproject element:
(Optional) Specifies the name of the project. It is only used to indicate failure to generate ABLDoc.
Specifies a comma separated list of paths that can be configured with each project where the ABL source files can be found.
The sourcepath element contains a set of ABL source files for which the ABLDoc documentation is generated. It can be configured with Ant’s pathelement element or fileset element.
Note: The sourcepath element can also be added as an element to the root abldocproject element.