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Overview of Progress Application Server for OpenEdge : References : PAS for OpenEdge-related preferences : ABL Service Project Property page
ABL Service Project Property page
The ABL Service project property page helps you to set up the deploy options after you create a new ABL service.
This page appears when you righ-click a project and select Properties.
Note: The options that you select, will apply to all the services that you created for this project.
The following options are available:
Deploy as a default (ROOT)
Select if you want the services to be placed in the ROOT Web App folder when you publish the project. The services are published incrementally.
Deploy as WebApp
Select if you want the .WAR file to be published with the Web App name that you provide.
Supported servers
From the list, select the servers that will be the destination for your published Web App. The primary function of these servers is to support publishing your code for running, testing, and deploying your Web App to PAS for OpenEdge.