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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Tasks : Working with objects : Using the Undo and Redo options
Using the Undo and Redo options
You can undo any editing changes that you perform on the design window, and you can redo any changes that you have previously undone.
To undo a move, resize, align, or delete performed on an object in the design window, select Undo from the Edit menu or press Ctrl+Z. To redo an action, select Redo from the Edit menu or press Ctrl+Y.
The undo or redo changes are specific to the current design window. To undo or redo the actions, you must have focus on the design window.
Note: Only editing actions that have occurred since the most recent save operation can be undone and redone; you cannot use Undo to return to a state earlier than the latest saved version of the file. To revert to an earlier saved version, right-click the class file in the Project Explorer view and select Replace With > Local History from the context menu.
For more information, see Choosing objects for the design window