Editing OpenEdge database triggers

You can edit triggers in two different ways:

Note: You cannot modify Java triggers with the ABL Editor or the trigger wizard.
  1. To edit the trigger code in the ABL Editor, open an existing trigger and edit the code (using the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge ABL Editor) by performing the following steps:
    Note: You cannot modify Java triggers with the ABL Editor or the trigger wizard.
    1. Select the trigger name in the DB Structure view.
      Note: You can select either an ABL or a REPLICATION trigger. You cannot open and modify Java triggers.
    2. Right-click, and choose Open in Editor from the context menu. This option opens the trigger in the ABL Editor perspective.
      Note: At least one OpenEdge project must be open and the PROPATH must be set to reference the trigger location. If no project is open, you see an error message.If there is more than one project containing the trigger, the system displays a dialog and prompts you to select the trigger.
    3. Edit and save the file.
  2. To edit trigger properties with the Edit Trigger option, do the following:
    1. Modify trigger properties by selecting a trigger name in the DB Structure view and choosing Edit Trigger from the context menu.
    2. The Edit Trigger dialog opens and select whether to override triggers at run time, whether to validate triggers at run time, or attach the trigger to some other .p file.
      Note: If you modify a trigger with CRC enabled, you must initiate the Set CRC option. Select the trigger, and then right-click to expose the context menu. Select Set CRC.
    Note: For more information about triggers, see the ABL manuals in the OpenEdge Product Documentation section of the Progress Communities Web site.