Adding an OpenEdge Explorer connection

To publish AppServer code remotely, you must have a configured OpenEdge Explorer connection.
Note: The Use secure connection option visible on this page is not implemented.

To add an OpenEdge Explorer connection:

  1. Choose Window > Preferences.
  2. Select Progress OpenEdge > Server > OpenEdge Explorer Connections.
  3. The OpenEdge Explorer Connections page opens. Do the following:
    1. Click Add. The Add OpenEdge Explorer Connection dialog opens.
    2. Type the connection name.
    3. Type the Host name or IP address.
    4. Specify the port. (The default port is 9090.)
    5. Type the user name. (The default user name is admin.)
    6. Type the password. (The default password is admin.)
    7. Provide the OpenEdge Explorer URL. (If you are using the default host name and port number, the URL is http://localhost:9090.)
    8. To finish the connection setup, click Finish, or click Create Default Server and Finish. If there are no default servers available in the Servers view, a default server will be created and will appear in the Servers view.
  4. Click OK to close the OpenEdge Explorer connection.