Modules properties page

The Modules properties page allows you to view and configure the modules for AppServer, WebSpeed, and Static Web project types.

Note: The Modules properties page displays only if an OpenEdge AppServer facet, an OpenEdge WebSpeed facet, or a Static Web facet is installed on the currently selected project. You install these facets when you create an AppServer project type, a WebSpeed project type, or a Static Web project type on the Create an OpenEdge Project page. Existing OpenEdge projects can be migrated to use these facets in the New OpenEdge Project wizard.

To access the Modules page, right-click the project name in the Project Explorer view and choose Properties from the context menu. Expand the Progress OpenEdge node in the tree view, and then click the Modules node.

The following controls are available:

Module viewer Displays a tree view of the module name and the folders that are configured for the project.
Modify Allows you to change the module name that is configured for the selected project and to select the folders to be published.