Parse( ) method

Parses the JSON found from the specified source and returns a JsonConstruct object when the parse is complete. The returned value is either a JsonObject or a JsonArray. If the JSON syntax is incorrect, a JsonParserError is raised.

Return type: Progress.Json.ObjectModel.JsonConstruct class

Access: PUBLIC

Applies to: Progress.Json.ObjectModel.ObjectModelParser class


Parse( INPUT web-context-stream AS HANDLE )

Parse( INPUT source AS LONGCHAR )

Parse( INPUT source AS MEMPTR )

Parse( INPUT source AS CHARACTER )
A HANDLE variable that specifies the WEB-CONTEXT system handle.
An ABL variable or expression containing the JSON string in memory. A LONGCHAR must have a Unicode code page ("UTF-8", "UTF-16", "UTF-16BE", "UTF-16LE", "UTF-32", "UTF-32BE" or "UTF-32LE"). The code page for the data in a MEMPTR is detected by looking at the JSON to be parsed. If the code page is not one of the valid Unicode code pages, a JsonError is raised.