OFF-END event

The OFF-END event occurs when you position a query on a ProDataSet temp-table buffer past the last row. You can use this event to retrieve additional data source rows to add at the bottom of a ProDataSet temp-table (for example, in batches when there are too many data source rows to retrieve at one time).

The OFF-END event can also occur when the user performs a keyboard or mouse action in a browse that scrolls off the end (past the last row) of a browse on a ProDataSet temp-table buffer. For more information about using the OFF-END event with a browse, see High-level widget events.

Note: The OFF-END event is similar to the QUERY-OFF-END attribute, which is set to TRUE whenever the associated query object is positioned past the last row. The difference is that you must test the QUERY-OFF-END attribute for this condition at a specific place in your application code, whereas the OFF-END event procedure executes like a trigger whenever the event occurs.

Consider the following restrictions when using the OFF-END event with a query on a ProDataSet temp-table buffer: