Temporarily changing values in the Variables view

You can make non-persistent changes to variable values to test their effect from the current execution point. The new values remain in effect for the duration of the current Debugging session, or until they change programmatically during the current session. To change an element's value:
  1. To open the Variables view if it is not open select Window > Show View > Debug > Variables.
  2. Click the current value in the grid to make it editable and enter the replacement value. Alternatively, right-click the element in the Variables view and select Change Value from the context menu to display the Set Variable dialog.
  3. Enter the replacement value, and click OK.

    In values that you enter in the Variables view, the backslash (\) is evaluated as an escape character, which can affect program execution. To be sure of getting the intended results, it is recommended that you enter a double backslash (\\) in all cases to represent a single backslash.

    The value you supply must be valid for the declared data type and the current program context. If you enter an invalid value, an error message appears.