Letting OpenEdge launch the program automatically

When choosing this technique, OpenEdge first tries to find an appropriate existing launch configuration. If no suitable configuration is found, a new one is created specifically for the selected program, using default settings.
  1. Select the file in the Project Explorer view, or open it in the ABL Editor.
    Note: You can also launch a debugging session with focus on an include file.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click Run or Debug on the main toolbar. Simply clicking the button image is normally sufficient to launch the program. You can also click the down arrow to open the drop-down menu, and selectRun As or Debug As.
    • Right-click in the ABL Editor window and select Run As from the context menu.

    The program runs in the configuration chosen or created by OpenEdge. Consider the pros and cons of this approach:
    Pros Cons
    1. This is the quickest way to run a program.
    2. You can use this technique to create a basic configuration, and then fine-tune the configuration by editing it in the Configurations wizard.
    3. After using the Configurations wizard to set up a configuration that is appropriate for most programs in a specific project, you can use this technique to run any program in the project under that configuration.
    1. The configuration that OpenEdge chooses or creates may not meet all of your needs.
    2. Using this technique repeatedly might create a large number of configuration definitions that you do not want to keep, resulting in the need to do some "housekeeping." You can use the Configurations wizard to delete unwanted configurations.