General PRO*Tools utilities

The General PRO*Tools utilities are available with all the OpenEdge perspectives. These utilities are available on the toolbar and from the menu (OpenEdge > General PRO*Tools) in your perspective.
Note: Each of these PRO*Tools utilities opens and runs in a window outside of the Progress Developer Studio Eclipse framework. Online help is available from the utility's menu bar or Help button.

The General PRO*Tools include the following utilities:

General PRO*Tools utility Description
Config Info Opens the Configuration File dialog that lists all the Progress product installation information and their corresponding serial numbers.
Color Changer Opens the Color Changer dialog that enables you to change the Progress system colors 0 through 15.
OS Prompt Opens a new MS-Windows DOS console.
Procedure Viewer Opens the Procedure Object Viewer that displays a list of running persistent procedures in the current session. This viewer also displays a list of any super procedures for the selected persistent procedure.

Use the Procedure Object Viewer when you debug an application to verify the existence of and to edit persistent procedures and super procedures and test their internal methods.

Propath Search Opens the Propath File Search dialog that allows you to specify a file you want to locate in Propath. Progress displays the full path of each occurrence in Propath order. Click Open File to open any source file from the search result. (r-code file cannot be opened.)
Session Settings Opens the Session Attributes dialog that lists all the attributes and their corresponding values for their Progress SESSION handle.
Screen Capture Opens the Screen Capture dialog that lets you capture screen images of the Progress windows or the complete screen.

You can then edit, save it in a file, or print the image.

Protogen Opens the Prototype Generator dialog that generates an include file for the specified super procedure containing the prototypes of all internal procedures and user-defined functions.
PRO*Spy Opens the PRO*Spy Plus dialog. PRO*Spy Plus is a debugging and diagnostic tool used to track call stack information from within an ABL application.
WebClient Application Assembler Opens the WebClient Application Assembler dialog that enables you to define and assemble the client of an ABL application for deployment as a version controlled WebClient application.
WebClient Deployment Packager Opens the WebClient Deployment Packager dialog that enables you easily modify the deployment configuration of an application that you have previously generated with the WebClient Application Assembler. It extracts information from an existing .prowcapc file and makes it editable.