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Overview of ABLUnit testing framework : Concepts : Overview of ABLUnit testing framework

Overview of ABLUnit testing framework

ABLUnit is a unit testing framework for the Advanced Business Language (ABL) programs. It is similar to JUnit-based and XUnit-based unit testing frameworks.
ABLUnit for Progress Developer Studio for Open Edge helps you to write and run repeatable unit test cases or test suites. The automated testing of your programs checks if the code is working as intended and is valid.
It helps you to:
*Identify bugs in your code.
*Write modular and loosely-coupled code.
*Test the code in parts
The ABLUnit testing framework supports two types of test cases:
*Test Class and Test Suite Class (.cls file)
*Test Procedure and Test Suite Procedure (.p file)
ABLUnit testing framework includes the following components:
*Annotations for marking the test cases
*Assertions for testing expected results
*Test suites for easily organizing and running test cases
*Test runners for running a test case or test suite from the command line or launch configuration
*Results view for viewing and analyzing the test results