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Introducing OpenEdge Projects : Concepts : Introducing OpenEdge Projects

Introducing OpenEdge Projects

Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, like other Eclipse-based development environments, is project based. Projects exist in the context of a workspace. Project folders contain the files and sub-folders that are the project's resources.
The features available for OpenEdge projects include:
*A predefined set of OpenEdge facets and project types.
*A set of commonly used project types for OpenEdge application development and a framework to create custom project types, as required. These project types are convenient configurations for a specific type of project that is provided by default in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge.
*A facet for each project type that is configured by default. For example, a WebSpeed project type has an OpenEdge WebSpeed facet, and so on. Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge also creates a facet for each custom project type that you define.
With OpenEdge projects, you can create:
*All new OpenEdge projects as faceted projects.
*A specialized project type for the current project with the New OpenEdge Project wizard.
All OpenEdge projects that you create in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge are faceted projects. A faceted project uses one or more predefined configurations called facets. A facet is used as a way of adding project functionality that you can turn on or off. Within OpenEdge projects, you can use facets to add a specific module type to a project.
Note: A module is used to organize content that is being developed for a server and usually consists of a hierarchy of files that reside in the Eclipse workspace.
When you add a facet to a project, the facet is used as a marker for performing certain setup requirements or for marking the project as a specific project type.
You can use the New OpenEdge Project wizard or the Project Properties dialog to create a specialized project type for your current project. You can save this project type, but it will only be available within the workspace of the project.
Migrating older versions of OpenEdge projects
You can migrate an OpenEdge project created in a Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge version prior to 11.0, to its current version and convert it to a faceted project. When you open the old project, by default, Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge installs the OpenEdge project facet to it. It also updates the project runtime version and migrates the project properties and the Visual Designer properties.
Note: When you try to open an 11.0 version of the workspace in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge 10.2B, and the facets associated with the project are not available in 10.2B, a warning message is displayed on the Project Facets page in Project Properties.
When you convert a normal OpenEdge project to a faceted OpenEdge project, it automatically creates a .setting folder that contains the configuration files in the project. You must add this folder to the source control system.