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Data Object overview

An OpenEdge Data Object implements a server-side resource that provides OpenEdge data and operations for access by a resource client through the agency of a Data Object Service. This resource is implemented by an ABL Business Entity, which is typically an ABL user-defined class that is coded to access the data through methods that implement the resource operations.
A Data Object Service is a REST Web service and a Data Service Catalog. This Data Service Catalog defines the schema of the data and the operations on the data that is supported by one or more Data Object resources. In this way, a single Data Object Service can support client access to multiple resources (Data Objects) running on a single OpenEdge application server.
Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge provides wizards and other tools to accelerate the development of server-side Data Objects and Data Object Services
Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge allows you to develop and deploy Data Object Services that you can use to provide OpenEdge data to mobile apps running in native device environments or to web apps, which can run in any browser-based environment.
You can develop Data Objects Services using:
*Data Object projects that support Data Object Service development using facets that work with the OE AppServer and a Tomcat web server that hosts the Data Object Services.
*ABL Web App projects that support Data Object Service development using facets that work with PAS for OpenEdge only. For more information on working with the ABL Web App project and creating Data Object Services, see the Progress Application Server for OpenEdge help.
Note: For more information on how mobile and web apps can use OpenEdge Data Objects to access OpenEdge data and business logic, see the Progress Data Objects Guide and Reference documentation at the location.