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Application Migration and Development Guide
Application Development with PAS for OpenEdge : Programming the Progress Application Server for OpenEdge : Managing context for bound and unbound session-managed connections : Using the SERVER-CONNECTION-CONTEXT attribute
When a client application establishes a session-managed connection with a PAS for OE instance, the instance session manager creates a connection context area in memory for the connection. A PAS for OpenEdge procedure can access this context area using the SERVER-CONNECTION-CONTEXT attribute of the SESSION handle. This is a readable and writable attribute of type CHARACTER. The initial value of SERVER-CONNECTION-CONTEXT is the Unknown value (?).
When any remote procedure executes in a session over a session-managed connection, it can set the SERVER-CONNECTION-CONTEXT attribute to any application-specific value. Each time OpenEdge assigns a request from a session-managed client to a PAS for OpenEdge session, OpenEdge ensures that the SERVER-CONNECTION-CONTEXT attribute for that session is set to the last value assigned in a previous server session that serviced the same client connection. This value is also available to any Connect procedure, Activate procedure, Deactivate procedure, or Disconnect procedure that you configure for the PAS for OpenEdge instance. Thus, each ABL session that services a an unbound session-managed client connection can pass context information to the next.
For more information on the Connect, Activate, Deactivate, and Disconnect procedures, see the Using PAS for OpenEdge event procedures.