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Application Migration and Development Guide
Application Development with PAS for OpenEdge : Programming the Progress Application Server for OpenEdge : Programming for Open Client applications : Using the ProtoGen utility
Using the ProtoGen utility
The ProtoGen utility analyzes the source code of any super procedure that you specify and generates an include file containing the prototypes for all of its internal procedures and user-defined functions. You can access this utility from the PRO*Tools palette, which is available from the Tools menu in the ADE.
One of the more common applications of this utility is to generate prototype include files for persistent procedures that you build in the AppBuilder of the ADE, especially if you build them using SmartObjects.
To include super procedure prototypes in AppBuilder procedures:
1. Code each super procedure sufficiently to specify all PROCEDURE and FUNCTION statements that it requires.
2. From the ADE, choose PRO*Tools from the Tools menu, and click the ProtoGen button. The Prototype Generator dialog box opens.
3. In the Prototype Generator dialog box, enter the file name of the super procedure and the name of the include file you want to generate from it.
4. Generate the include file and, using the AppBuilder, insert a reference to the include file within every persistent procedure and SmartObject that relies on the specified super procedure prototypes.
5. Compile and generate the r-code for each persistent procedure and SmartObject.
Once you compile and generate the r-code, the Open Client developer can use the Open Client Toolkit to generate the corresponding proxy object. For more information on using ProtoGen, see the ADE online help and for using the AppBuilder, see the manual, OpenEdge Development: AppBuilder.