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Application Migration and Development Guide
Application Development with PAS for OpenEdge : Programming ABL Client Applications : Disconnecting from a PAS for OpenEdge instance : Using the DISCONNECT( ) method
Using the DISCONNECT( ) method
Using the DISCONNECT( ) method terminates the connection with the specified PAS for OpenEdge instance by sending a disconnect request to the connected server. When the server receives the disconnect request, the following occurs:
*For a session-managed connection— Any configured Disconnect procedure executes in any bound or otherwise available server session, then control returns to the client application.
*For a session-free connection — No Disconnect procedure executes and client control continues without interruption.
*For any server with pending asynchronous requests — All running or pending asynchronous requests are canceled and the corresponding event procedure is called for each request. The CANCELLED attribute on the asynchronous request handle for all such canceled requests is set to TRUE. For more information on asynchronous requests, see Managing asynchronous requests.