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Application Migration and Development Guide
Application Development with PAS for OpenEdge : Design and Implementation Considerations : Distributed application design and implementation : Understanding the scope of persistent, single-run, and
Understanding the scope of persistent, single-run, and
A remote procedure on PAS for OpenEdge that you run with the PERSISTENT, SINGLE-RUN, or SINGLETON option, and a local procedure that you run with the PERSISTENT option, both perform in identical fashion with respect to scope. That is, the remote procedure's context is created when the instantiating procedure starts to execute, and that context persists after it returns until the end of the ABL session, or until it is explicitly deleted.
When a remote persistent, single-run, or singleton procedure is run, its context is managed strictly within the server session where the procedure runs. This is consistent with the existence of the processing boundary that separates a server session distinctly from a client application session. If a remote procedure creates other local ABL objects (persistent procedures), these objects are available only locally within the server session in which they were created. These objects cannot be shared between an ABL client application and the server session.