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Application Migration and Development Guide
Application Development with PAS for OpenEdge : Programming ABL Client Applications : Running and managing remote procedures : Understanding proxy procedure handles
Understanding proxy procedure handles
When you execute a remote persistent, single-run, or singleton procedure in an ABL client application, two procedure handles are created: one within the client application session and another separate handle within the server session where the remote procedure is created. OpenEdge internally maintains a mapping between the two handles:
*The handle within the client application is a proxy procedure handle, and its PROXY attribute is set to TRUE. The handle also has PERSISTENT, SINGLE-RUN, and SINGLETON attributes. Of these, the one that corresponds to the option used with the RUN statement that called the remote procedure is set to TRUE, and the other two are set to FALSE.
*The corresponding handle within the server session is a remote procedure handle, and its REMOTE attribute is set to TRUE. The values of its PERSISTENT, SINGLE-RUN, and SINGLETON attributes match those of the proxy procedure handle.
For more information on the relationship between proxy and remote procedure handles, see the information on procedure handles in Design and Implementation Considerations.
* Accessing proxy procedure handles
* Comparing proxy and local procedure handles