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Application Migration and Development Guide
Application Development with PAS for OpenEdge : Design and Implementation Considerations : Security considerations : PAS for OpenEdge session access : Session-managed application with a bound connection
Session-managed application with a bound connection
For a session-managed application with a bound connection, you can conveniently set a single export list for all server sessions, regardless of the connection, using the Session Startup procedure. Otherwise, you can set it, like on a session-managed server, in the Connect procedure or some remote procedure executed by the client.
When the connection terminates for a bound session-managed application, the disconnected server session maintains the last setting of the export list. If you want the export list to be empty at the start of every connection, you must explicitly reset the list at some point between connections. You can guarantee this for every server session by resetting the list in the Connect or Disconnect procedure, as shown:
lReturn = SESSION:EXPORT(). /* Reset to empty */