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Application Migration and Development Guide
Preface : Organization


Migrating Applications from the OpenEdge AppServer

Introduces the main differences between the Progress Application Server for OpenEdge and the classic OpenEdge AppServer and where to find more information on PAS for OpenEdge and its architecture.
ABL application code migration
Describes differences in how ABL applications operate in a PAS for OpenEdge environment vs. the classic AppServer, and changes that you might need to make when moving an application from the AppServer.
Migrating server configuration and management
Describes the main differences in configuration and management between PAS for OpenEdge and the classic AppServer, as well as the similarities, and explains some of the advantages to working with PAS for OpenEdge, and offers some recommendations for configuring applications in a PAS for OpenEdge environment.
Describes how to migrate WebSpeed application from the WebSpeed Transaction Server to PAS for OpenEdge.

Application Development with PAS for OpenEdge

PAS for OpenEdge and Client Interaction
Describes the application models and options that you can use to build an ABL application to run on PAS for OpenEdge, and the interactions that a client can have with it.
Programming the Progress Application Server for OpenEdge
Describes how to program the PAS for OpenEdge, including both application procedures and the types of procedures that you can define to set up and manage the PAS for OpenEdge session context for your application procedures. It also describes how to manage context, including transactions, for the different application models and client bindings, and how to handle error information that you pass to client applications. Code examples illustrate specific programming points.
Programming ABL Client Applications
Describes how to program a client application, with emphasis on ABL clients. It explains how to connect to and disconnect from a PAS for OpenEdge instance, run and manage remote procedures, including maintaining context between server requests, and how to handle error information returned from the server. Code examples illustrate specific programming points.
Design and Implementation Considerations
Identifies and describes various issues related to the design and implementation of PAS for OpenEdge applications. This chapter highlights specific performance, deployment, and security issues, and introduces some programming techniques to help you write PAS for OpenEdge procedures.
For additional PAS for OpenEdge documentation, including white papers on advanced topics, see: