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Application Migration and Development Guide
Migrating AppServer and WebSpeed Applications : ABL application code migration : Comparing event procedures between the AppServer and PAS for OpenEdge : Multi-session Agent Startup and Shutdown procedures
Multi-session Agent Startup and Shutdown procedures
The PAS for OpenEdge multi-session agent has two additional Startup and Shutdown event procedures that run when the agent starts up and shuts down. The following table describes the behavior of these two procedures, where the Procedure name column lists the property in where you set the name of the specified procedure:
Table 3. Multi-session Agent Startup and Shutdown procedures
Procedure name
Runs at
OS process startup
A single CHARACTER argument passed to the procedure as an INPUT parameter and specified as the agentStartupProcParam property in
OS process shutdown
Note: The agentStartupProc specified procedure runs in a separate ABL session within the multi-session agent. Any global values it creates will not be visible to any other ABL session.