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Application Migration and Development Guide
Migrating AppServer and WebSpeed Applications : Migrating server configuration and management : Application packaging and installation : Installation process and updates : Installing remote administration
Installing remote administration
The PAS for OpenEdge product runs in a secured configuration unless otherwise configured. Therefore, it does not automatically include the remote Web applications used by OpenEdge Management (for Tomcat and/or OpenEdge components). All Tomcat and OpenEdge administration can be performed locally using a JMX console—the administrative Web applications offer no additional functionality. If the site's policies allow remote administration you can add these administrative Web applications to a PAS for OpenEdge instance at any time by doing the following:
1. Choose what remote administration Web application to deploy: Tomcat's manager or OpenEdge's oemanager.
2. Deploy the remote administration Web application from $DLC/servers/pasoe/extras using the TCMAN utility's deploy command.
3. Configure the remote administration's security according to the site's policies, using a text editor to alter the web.xml and Spring Security configuration files. (See the sections on security in the Progress Application Server for OpenEdge: Administration Guide.)