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Application Migration and Development Guide
Migrating AppServer and WebSpeed Applications : Migrating server configuration and management : Application packaging and installation : Installation process and updates : Installing a prepacked PAS for OpenEdge instance
Installing a prepacked PAS for OpenEdge instance
This type of installation deploys a packaged PAS for OpenEdge instance created according to the procedure described in PAS for OpenEdge instance packaging.
1. Load the .jar or .zip file containing the packaged PAS for OpenEdge instance.
2. Set the current working directory to the location where the named instance will be located.
3. Use the expand utility found in $DLC/servers/pasoe/bin/expand.{sh|bat} to unpack the instance.
4. Use the $DLC/servers/bin/tcman.{sh|bat} register command to link the new instance with the OpenEdge installation.
5. If this is a Windows system, and the instance will be run as a Windows service, use the tcman.{sh|bat} service create command to make a new Windows service.
6. If this is a UNIX system, set the correct security level ({ production | standard | development }) using the $DLC/servers/pasoe/bin/openedge_tailor command, specifying only the security-mode option.
7. Use the tcman.{sh|bat} config command to assign new network (http/https/ajp13) ports.
8. Use the tcman.{sh|bat} feature command to enable/disable server features according to the site requirements.
9. Use the oeprop utility to configure the ABL application's properties according to site requirements.
10. Use a text editor and configure each OE ABL Web application's security according to the site requirements. (See the sections on security in the Progress Application Server for OpenEdge: Administration Guide.)