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Application Migration and Development Guide
Application Development with PAS for OpenEdge : Programming the Progress Application Server for OpenEdge : Handling conditions and returning values : Effects of unhandled conditions
Effects of unhandled conditions
An unhandled ERROR or ENDKEY condition raised in a server session has no effect on the client application for which it is handling a request. The handling of each condition conforms to standard ABL rules. For more information about these rules, see OpenEdge Getting Started: ABL Essentials.
Two ABL conditions (STOP and QUIT), if not handled using the ON STOP and ON QUIT , respectively, in a PAS for OE session, have definite effects on any client application for which the server session is handling a request.
Any unhandled STOP causes the remote procedure request (persistent or non-persistent) to terminate and propagate the STOP condition to the client application.
Any unhandled QUIT condition causes the remote procedure request to terminate and return successfully without any propagated condition to the client. However, OpenEdge also terminates the client connection to the server.