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Application Migration and Development Guide
Migrating AppServer and WebSpeed Applications : Migrating server configuration and management : Classic AppServer features not applicable to PAS for OpenEdge : Development process tooling
Development process tooling
As seen in previous sections, an ABL application contains the same basic components in both the classic AppServer and PAS for OpenEdge, but it should be packaged and distributed in a fashion that best suits the architecture of PAS for OpenEdge. Therefore, existing scripts, build tools, and so forth, that package a classic AppServer's ABL application do not work with PAS for OpenEdge. You are free to continue packaging and distributing your ABL application as if it were for a classic AppServer, but you will lose some of PAS for OpenEdge's value.
Note: If you absolutely must, you can deploy the ABL application's .p and/or .r files anywhere on the OS's file system, just like in a classic AppServer. However, you loose most, if not all, of the benefits of the PAS for OpenEdge infrastructure for deployment, updates, and security.