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Application Migration and Development Guide
Migrating AppServer and WebSpeed Applications : ABL application code migration : Database connections in PAS for OpenEdge

Database connections in PAS for OpenEdge

The OpenEdge RDBMS network connection policy has not changed in PAS for OpenEdge. Like the classic AppServer, it is one private network connection per ABL session in the multi-session agent. Therefore, the application code and PROMON monitoring are the same for both servers.
However, the self-service RDBMS connection policy changes considerably. Self-service connections are a shared resource in PAS for OpenEdge. Each multi-session agent creates a single self-service connection that will show up in PROMON as its own user connection. Therefore, each ABL session that executes with a database connection parameter -db or that executes an ABL CONNECT statement shares the self-service connection from its managing multi-session agent and shows up on PROMON with its own user connection. Each ABL session user connection is specific to that session and to no other session. No single ABL session user connection binds in any way the user connection of any other ABL session.
Two new Type values, specific to PAS for OpenEdge, are in the PROMON display:
*SELF/PASA — A multi-session agent's shared self-service database connection
*SELF/PASN — Individual ABL session users that share the multi-session agent's connection