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Application Migration and Development Guide
Application Development with PAS for OpenEdge : Design and Implementation Considerations : Distributed application design and implementation : Conditions that make migrating your application model
Conditions that make migrating your application model
Certain conditions related to your current application framework allow you to more easily take advantage of PAS for OpenEdge functionality. These conditions include any of the following:
*Your present server machine has adequate resources such as memory, speed, and disk space to be easily scaled up for use with PAS for OpenEdge.
*Your current model has a predominance of small, well-structured, identifiable transactions. The server favors a small transaction model. For more information, see Transaction and record management considerations.
*You are already using temp-tables to manipulate data before committing the data to the database. Or, if you are not using temp-tables and (especially) ProDataSets, it is easy to get your present code to work with temp-tables and ProDataSets rather than deal directly with your database.
*Your current model is already set up such that neither procedures nor persistent procedures rely on shared/global data or buffers as parameters. These types of data cannot be shared between a client application and a server session.
*Your current model already has a distinct division between the logic associated with the user interface and the logic associated with your application. This enables your code to be modular and portable, in keeping with how you will want your code to be deployed in a distributed environment using PAS for OpenEdge.