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Application Migration and Development Guide
Application Development with PAS for OpenEdge : Design and Implementation Considerations : Secondary performance considerations : Compiled compared to precompiled code
Compiled compared to precompiled code
The execution process for non-compiled code on PAS for OpenEdge is identical to the process for regular run-time compiled code on an ABL client. Standard ABL compilation processing activities and behaviors occur.
Note: The PAS for OpenEdge production server does not compile ABL, and therefore cannot run non-compiled code in a deployment environment. You can only run non-compiled code using the PAS for OpenEdge development server.
Therefore, when non-compiled code must be used, from a performance perspective, there is the possibility of some improvement gains when the server is running on a more powerful machine than the client application.
For example, if the server you are running is on a faster machine, then the compilation process might occur faster for code compiled on it. Also, if PAS for OpenEdge sessions have a self-service connection to the database, then compile-time schema information will not have to be sent over the network.