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Application Migration and Development Guide
Application Development with PAS for OpenEdge : Design and Implementation Considerations : Security considerations : Audit trails : Client application audit trails
Client application audit trails
In a session-managed ABL client session, you can access the current connection ID using the CLIENT-CONNECTION-ID attribute on the server object handle used to connect to the PAS for OpenEdge instance. For an Open Client (.NET, Java, or Web service Open Client) application, OpenEdge provides appropriate methods for you to access the connection ID. On a session-free or session-managed ABL client, you can also access the ClientContextId property on the Progress.Lang.OERequestInfo class instance referenced by the server object handle's REQUEST-INFO attribute.
Typically, you might generate audit trail information on the client in code associated with PAS for OpenEdge connection and disconnection requests, or even with each remote procedure request, depending on how much information you need to capture.
For more information on accessing the CLIENT-CONNECTION-ID attribute from an ABL client application, see Accessing the connection ID on a session-managed client. For information on the common methods for accessing the connection ID from an open client, see OpenEdge Development: Open Client Introduction and Programming.