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Application Migration and Development Guide
Application Development with PAS for OpenEdge : Programming ABL Client Applications : Managing asynchronous requests : Executing an asynchronous request : Asynchronous request handles
Asynchronous request handles
Associated with each asynchronous request is an asynchronous request handle. An instance of this handle is created each time you execute the RUN...ASYNCHRONOUS statement. Thus, you can use this handle to obtain information on a specific asynchronous request.
The ABL client allows you to access this handle in three ways:
*Using the SET async-request-handle option on the RUN...ASYNCHRONOUS statement.
*Using the FIRST-ASYNC-REQUEST and LAST-ASYNC-REQUEST attributes of the server handle or the NEXT-SIBLING and PREV-SIBLING attributes of the asynchronous request handle to walk through the valid asynchronous request handles for the specified server.
*Accessing the SELF system handle within an event procedure in response to the asynchronous request.
For more information on using the asynchronous request handle, see Handling the response from an asynchronous request.