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Application Migration and Development Guide
Application Development with PAS for OpenEdge : Design and Implementation Considerations : Security considerations : PAS for OpenEdge session access : Application model interactions
Application model interactions
Because of how the EXPORT( ) method and application models work together, you must use it differently, depending on your server. When you invoke the method with a list of procedure names, the method adds this list to any existing list of entry points that you have previously specified for the server session.
If the PAS for OpenEdge session servicing a session-managed request, you must manage all setting and resetting of entry points manually. Otherwise, each time you execute the method with a list of procedure names, they are added to the existing list of entry points. Thus, unless you explicitly reset the list, for a bound session-managed application, the number of entry points set for the server session can grow with each client connection, and for an unbound session-managed application, the number can grow with each client request.