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Introducing PAS for OpenEdge
Overview of WebSpeed Support in PAS for OpenEdge : Migration notes

Migration notes

Before you migrate an existing WebSpeed application to an instance of PAS for OpenEdge, note the following:
*A PAS for OpenEdge instance must be created from an OpenEdge 11.6 or later release.
For information about creating, starting and stopping instances, see Progress Application Server for OpenEdge: Administration Guide and/or OpenEdge Management: Progress Application Server for OpenEdge Configuration.
*R-code should be located on the same machine where the PAS for OpenEdge instance is running. R-code on network-mapped drives can cause issues with performance and permissions.
*Recompile r-code only if it was generated in OpenEdge 10.x or earlier releases.
*WebSpeed applications that use HTML mapping are not supported.
*WebSpeed applications with a modified web-disp.p and supporting files will not run without making changes to the default WebHandler.
*WSASP, WSISA, NSAPI, and CGIIP messengers are not necessary. They are not supported and cannot be configured in a PAS for OpenEdge instance.
Because there is no Messenger, the application connection URL changes. In classic WebSpeed, the URL path included the Messenger in the Web server's scripts directory, and then the path to the code. For example:
http://hostname:port/cgi/ . .
In PAS for OpenEdge, the default URL references the WebSpeed transport (wspd) and not the Messenger. For example:
http://hostname:port/web/. . .