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Introducing PAS for OpenEdge
Apache Tomcat and the Progress Application Server for OpenEdge : Manager applications

Manager applications

There are two Tomcat Web applications, Manager and Host Manager that provide remote online administration access. The manager application (manager.war) allows you to manage web applications, including deployment and stopping and starting web applications. In a similar way, Host Manager (host-manager.war) allows you to manage virtual hosts.
In PAS for OpenEdge, a Java Web application, oemanager.war, is deployed instead of the Tomcat Host Manager. The oemanager.war application provides a REST API for remote administration of the OpenEdge Web applications and ABL language engines. It duplicates the same administration API supported by Tomcat's JMX interface, but it uses JSON input/output payloads instead. It is required to support OEE/OEM management and monitoring of ABL applications.
Note: Although they may not be deployed in PAS for OpenEdge, standard Tomcat configuration files and applications (like host-manager.war) are preserved in $CATALINA_HOME/extras.
Also be aware that Manager applications may not be deployed, or may be undeployed, for security reasons. For example, you probably would not want remote administration to be enabled on a production server. But note that some OpenEdge TCMAN utility commands, such as info, require the Manager application to be loaded and running. See the individual entries in the TCMAN Reference section of Progress Application Server for OpenEdge: Administration Guidefor more information on TCMAN usage and requirements.